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A potential anticancer medicinal plant a amao botani cal survey of india, eastern circle, laitumkhrah, shillong793 003, meghalaya, india received 2j november 2001 the paper presents the use of oroxylwn indiculii bark decoction for cancer treatment and an interview of a cancer patient from senapati di strict, manipur. Number species of butterflies visits these flowers. This study aimed at verifying the anti cataract properties of an aqueous whole plant extract of h. The notch inhibitors isolated from nerium indicum journal. Pdf in vitro anticancer activity of solanum indicum. In the time when botanical pastes were popular, the success rate for cancer treatment was about 7580%.

Cancer salves is at once, a reference book, an historical narrative, and a guide to those whose options seem limited. I am attaching an image of blue tiger butterfly on heliotropium indicum. The claim of anticataract potential of heliotropium indicum. Heliotropium indicum and mukia maderaspatana against the dengue fever mosquito vector aedes aegypti v. Chrysanthemum indicum ethanolic extract inhibits invasion of. I have documented blue tiger butterfly on 19 different types flowers, heliotropium indicum is one of them. The atlas of florida plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information. Uses, benefits, cures, side effects, nutrients in heliotropium indicum. The anti inflammatory activity assessment experiment has also 3558 en by its caterpillar. One of such is the traditional use of heliotropium indicum h. Issn 23203862 evaluation of anticancer activity of stem. Oleandrine is anti inflammatory, anti tumoral and emollient and potentialises apoptosis.

The effects of test samples on the rate of wound healing were assessed by the rate of wound closure, period of epithelialisation, wound. Chemically induced dna damage, mutagenesis, and cancer. Volume 14, issue 5 pages a1a10, e99e110, 297378 october 2014. Effect of heliotropium indicum aqueous extract on lipopolysaccharideinduced uveitis. Studies on wound healing activity of heliotropium indicum. The origins of the taxonomic name nerium oleander, first assigned by linnaeus in 1753, are disputed. According to the american national cancer institute, the ic 50 value to consider a crude extract promising for developmentof anti cancer drugs is lower than a limit threshold of30.

Heliotropium indicum linn, anti cataract activity, anti plasmodial activity, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, indicine. Pdf multiple traditional medicinal uses of heliotropium. It is the only species currently classified in the genus nerium. Heliotropium indicum has several uses in traditional medicine attributable to its numerous bioactive compounds. Oct 16, 2009 a potent and selective anti tumor agent on human gastric cancer. Nov 23, 2015 heliotropium indicum has several uses in traditional medicine attributable to its numerous bioactive compounds. I live in hastings, ontario, canada, zone 5a but i like to plant flowers and shrubs. Chrysanthemum indicum, one of the medicinal plants or ethnopharmacology, is being used for treatment of many diseases including cancer. Student research committee, shahrekord university of medical sciences, iran. The conclusion was that there is the need to further investigate and characterize individual phytochemical compounds in these plants and their anti candidal effect determined. Knowing the nutritional and pharmacological significance of foods enables the understanding of their role against several diseases.

It is widely used in native medicine in tamil nadu, india. At this time of the year, one can see lots of heliotropium indicum at cooch behar. The plant is reported to possess antibacterial, antitumor, uterine stimulant effect, antifertility, wound healing, anti inflammatory, antinociceptive and. Notch inhibitors were isolated from plant extracts and tested using an originally constructed cellbased assay system. Department of agriculture agricultural research service. An excellent, if rather terse, guide to the traditional medicinal uses of the plants of the region the plant contains the hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids heliotrine and lasiocarpine. Fluids from the leaves of this plant are squeezed directly into the eye. The highest zone of inhibition in this study was obtained in. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. The anti inflammatory activity of different extracts of h. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the university of south florida and other herbaria. The plant is reported to possess antibacterial, antitumor, uterine stimulant effect, antifertility, wound healing, anti inflammatory, antinociceptive and diuretic activities. Among the foods that can potentially be considered as medicine, is sesame or sesamum indicum l. The results showed that the extracts produced significant anti inflammatory effect in both acute and subacute models of inflammation.

Chrysanthemum indicum ethanolic extract inhibits invasion. A cancer diagnosis is a horrible scare, for most people. Indian heliotrope is an annual, erect, branched plant that can grow to a height of about 1550 cm 5. Article pdf available september 2014 with 423 reads how we measure reads. Journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in vitro anti cancer screening of solanumindicum rhus succedanea, rheum emodiand gardenia gummifera medicinal plants in cancer cells. Names of heliotropium indicum in various languages of the world are also given. Induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in human hcc mhcc97h cells with chrysanthemum indicum extract. We isolated eight compounds from nerium indicum that showed inhibition of the notch signaling pathway. Heliotropium cordifolium heliotropium cordifolium moench, methodus 415. In the present study, we investigated cytotoxicity against two types of lung cancer cell lines a549 and ncih226, anti inflammatory effect and antioxidant activity of heliotropium. Phytochemistry and pharmacological potential of nerium indicum mill.

Antiinflammatory effect of heliotropium indicum linn on. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. The petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol, and aqueous extracts of heliotropium indicum linn. The alabama plant atlas is a source of data for the distribution of plants within the state as well as taxonomic, conservation, invasive, and wetland information for each species. Pdf in vitro anticancer activity of solanum indicum, rhus. The claim of anticataract potential of heliotropium. In vitro anticancer activity of solanum indicum, rhus succedanea, rheum emodi and gardenia gummifera in cancer cells. Heliotropium species, bright eye, indian heliotrope, indian. C overnight and then incubated with the appropriate fluorescencelabeled secondary antibody conjugated to fluorescein isothiocyanate fitc at room 414 wang et al. Pdf plants historically have served as models in drug development.

Institute nci, usa for anti cancer screening on a panel of human cell lines, an ic 50 value of less than 100. The genus name nerium is the latinized form of the ancient greek name for the plant nerion, which is in turn derived from the greek for water, neros, because of the natural habitat of the oleander along rivers and streams. There was remarkable infiltration of cells and flares protein exudates in the aqueous humour, as well as intense iris hyperemia and vasodilation clinical score. On the basis of matching coefficient it was observed that heliotropium indicum showed only 25. Interview of the cancer patient the author visited the home of a man of about 50 years of age who had suffered nasopharyngeal cancer and got cured by taking the decoction of o. Issn 23207078 larvicidal efficacy of leaf extracts of. How heliotropium indicum is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Majid asadisamani, mahmoud rafieiankopaei and hedayatollah shirzad. For more multimedia, look at heliotropium indicum on wikimedia commons. He was interviewed by the author to get first hand information about him fig. This map is incomplete and is based only on current site and county level reports made by experts and records obtained from usda plants database.

Pdf phytochemistry and pharmacological potential of nerium. As per national cancer 34 journal of medicinal plants studies institute nci, usa for anti cancer screening on a panel of human cell lines, an ic 50 value of less than 100. List of various diseases cured by heliotropium indicum. However, this plant molecular mechanisms underlining the anti metastatic effects have not been well documented. Due to a number of properties of heliotropium indicum for treatment of many diseases, present study was carried out to 1 identify phytochemicals present in heliotropium indicum 2 determine the antimicrobial and anti oxidant activities of the plant in order to check its potency as an alternative medicine 2 see antibiotic resistance. Notch signaling plays a crucial role in differentiation and cell maintenance, but once aberrantly activated, it contributes to cancer progression. It is used as a traditional remedy for cataracts in ghana without any scientific verification. In this fascinating book, the author demystifies the historic formulae and uses and provides honest insights into the pros and cons of one of the most reliable natural cancer treatments of past eras. In vitro anticancer screening of solanumindicum rhus. Boraginaceae were separately evaluated for their wound healing activity in rats using excision normal and infected, incision, and dead space wound models.

Heliotropium species, bright eye, indian heliotrope. Pages a1a10, e99e110, 297378 october 2014 sciencedirect. One s life is suddenly upside down and inside out, and even if the outcome is successful, life is never again the same. It is the second major cause of deaths after cardiovascular diseases. Krishnaveni abstract aedes aegypti is a vector of dengue fever, which is a public health problem in the world. A few years after hills book was available, in 1775, sir percivall pott of saint bartholomews hospital in london published a groundbreaking essay showing that exposure to soot leads to high incidence of scrotal cancer in young men worked as chimney sweeps, which he named the chimneysweepers cancer 1. We examined the anticancer effects of limonin and imperatorin on various human cancer cells by mtt assay, and the results showed that imperatorin inhibited the cell growth of snu 449 liver cancer and hct15 colon cancer cells in a dosedependent manner, while limonin had less effect. Heliotropium indicum in the germplasm resources information network grin, u. Chemotherapy remains the principal mode of treatment for various cancers. The flowers are arranged on only one side of the inflorescence. It is most commonly known as nerium or oleander, from its superficial resemblance to the unrelated olive olea. Plants profile for heliotropium indicum indian heliotrope. Heliotropium indicum herb uses, benefits, cures, side effects. The cells were incubated with rabbit anti human mmp2 and mmp9 1.

Li zf, wang zd, ji yy, zhang s, huang c, li j, xia xm. The phytochemical screening showed the presence of tannin, oxalate, phytate, terpenoids, trypsin inhibitors, phenol, carotenoids, carotene, xanthophyll, flavonoid, saponin, and alkaloids. Heliotropium indicum herb uses, benefits, cures, side. It is so widely cultivated that no precise region of origin has been. I have recorded 12 butterfly species on this flower. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids have antitumor properties but with limited potentials owing to some extent the toxicity of the active constituent, indicinenoxide from heliotropium indicum.

The antiinflammatory effect of heliotropium indicum leaf was found to posses significant in carrageenaninduced hind paw oedema and cotton pellet granuloma models of inflammation 14. Chloroform extract of heliotropium indicum was investigated for antiinflammatory and antinociceptive activities in experimental animals models. Biosystematic studies in heliotropium indicum, trichodesma. The man related to the author the genesis of his problem. Antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance. Promising novel treatment for human cancer chrysanthemum. A downloadable pdf document of a book in prepublication awaiting illustration.

Cancer is a major public problem whose estimated worldwide new incidence is about 6 million cases per year. Kyei s, koffuor ga, ramkissoon p, abu ek, sarpong jf 2017 anti cataract potential of heliotropium indicum linn on galactoseinduced cataract in spraguedawley rats. Growth inhibition of various human cancer cell lines by. It is reported that indicinenoxide has reached phase 1 clinical trials in advanced cancer patients 2 5 8. Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about heliotropium species, bright eye, indian heliotrope, indian turnsole, scorpion bush heliotropium indicum supplied by member gardene. Promising novel treatment for human cancer chrysanthemum indicum extract. The present study is based on the determination of phytochemical, antimicrobial, anti oxidant and antibiotic resistance modifying activities of soil grown heliotropium indicum.

Pdf phytochemistry and pharmacological potential of. Sumantha malur gopalakrishna1, girisha sirangala thimappa1, ramesh puttalingaiah thylur 2, yogisha shivanna, and anand sreenivasan. A potent and selective anti tumor agent on human gastric cancer. During epidemics, emphasis is laid on the use of insecticides for controlling mosquitoes. Heliotropium indicum, commonly known as indian heliotrope, is an annual, hirsute plant that is a common weed in waste places and settled areas. This page was last edited on 10 december 2019, at 18. The website also provides access to a database and images of plants photos and herbarium specimens found at.

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