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New kawai gx2 atx2 silent grand piano coach house pianos. Please read these instructions thoroughly before attempting to perform the software update. Hello everyone, today i followed up an invite by a local piano store to try a kawai gx2 that theyd recently taken into stock. The piano you can play anytime without disturbing anyone.

Anytime x2 is kawai s own silent piano system developed using their internationally recognised expertise in both the acoustic and digital piano fields. The natural voice of an acoustic piano is truly unmistakable. Kawai has earned a reputation for excellent quality and workmanship in the development of. I am commuting every week, so on weekends i use the acoustic kawai gx2 grand in our house and on weekdays i use the kawai cs11 digital piano in my apartment. The thing i dislike about kawai is that it lacks a signature timbre that would give it an unmistakable character. The new range of anytimex2 hybrid pianos from kawai. Faqs frequently asked questions kawai pianos kawai america.

Tried a new kawai gx2 today and others piano world piano. Acclaimed upright pianos that embody kawai quality. Get in touch with us by entering your details here and well get back to you. One notable model in the gx series, the 511 gx2, received the prestigious. The kawai company was formed in 1927 by a group consisting of koichi kawai and 7 of his colleagues. Anytime x2 instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio.

In 1989, hirotaka kawai took on the presidency of the company and for the first time expanded production outside of japan. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. The piano you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Were going to listen to the gl40 now, weve spent enough time talking about it. Black gloss the anytimex control box has convenient transpose and tuning facilities, a metronome and song recorder, and a selection of high fidelity sounds suitable for various. By 1955 shigeru kawai led the company into modern manufacturing and by 1963 launched kawai centers around the world. Software update atx2 this document contains instructions for updating the system software of kawai atx2 silent pianos.

Kawai gl 30 atx2 messe 2018 demo by muzykuj youtube. For information on the kawai piano gx2 blak series visit. Allegro pianos represent kawai pianos in ct, westchester ny and the nyc area. At namm, piano buyer staff members had a chance to speak with kawai s technical and marketing representatives about the instruments, and briefly tried each new model. Anytimex2 instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components. With a rich history of international acclaim, the gx2 is the popular choice for homes, schools and any performance venues. As with all our kawai acoustic pianos, the kawai gx2 atx comes with a 10 year guarantee for the piano and a separate guarantee for the electronics. With a rich history of international acclaim, the gx2 is the popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios. A dream that came true is the base of the kawai company. Vpc editor for windows 32bit64bit editor software for the vpc1 virtual piano controller. Instead, its has a neutral or plain vanilla sound, at least to my ears. Now for help my decide i need compare whats the better. Anytime x2 instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, allowing pianists to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling of a traditional piano, while listening discretely using private headphones.

Back to the two pianos, my two chioces are a kawai gx2 blak and a essex egp173c. Actions with both makes are excellent, although i would give an edge to kawai s millenium 3. The new k200 atx3 is the next generation kawai anytime silent pianos the pianos you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Kawai canada music kawai america corporation kawai. Kawai was founded in 1927 by koichi kawai, an inventor and former yamaha employee who was the first person in japan to design and build a piano action. Brand new kawai gx2 atx2 silent grand piano for sale at lowest uk price. Decouvrez nos pianos droits kawai gx2 atx 2 pour tous niveaux, pianos visibles egalement dans. Exceptional touch, optimum responsiveness, digital flexibility. In their offer they have high end pianos that will meet the professional pianists expectations. Moreover, anytimex instruments employ kawai s proprietary ultra progressive harmonic imaging sound technology to ensure smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range. Warm vibrations that illuminate a room, leaving its audience. Does a silent system harm the acoustic action kawai. Have a look at the map should you want to find our stores.

Kawai and yamaha tonal qualities tend to contrast with one another. Kawai anytime silent series at most affordable prices with px allowance as well. The gx2 combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class. Both pianos are the same size, and, as far as i understand, have the same scale design and millenium iii action. This beautiful gx2 blak kawai 511 classic salon grand is a true gem and an incredible buy for someone looking for a stateoftheart grand piano at an unbeatable price. We have kawai grand pianos, kawai upright pianos and kawai digital pianos available at our piano store. Kawai instruments can be found in concert halls, music schools, churches and houses of piano music lovers all. Those have competitive prices to other asian piano makers. In this video the piano shop bath highlights some of the similarities and differences that can be found in kawai s gl series of grand pianos.

The k200 atx3 comes equipped with an acoustic muting feature allowing pianists the flexibility and. The natural voice of an acoustic piano is truly unmistakeable. Your patience and support and help for us in making the purchase has been excellent and delightful including giving over almost a whole day to us, running us around oxford to view pianos, taking us to visit your very impressive workshops, where everyone had the quiet, confident friendliness of true craftsmen and, not least, suggesting a very. I ended up with a new kawai gx2 without silent system better sound and action than the yamaha c2x at least for me.

Kawai to my ear has a richer sound and seems more consistent throughout its scale. These two lines have had a tendency to be competitive with one another price wise. The anytime x2 system is available exclusively on kawai pianos and cannot be retrofitted the piano has to be ordered. Kawai america corporation established in 1963 and kawai canada music offer a complete line of kawai acoustic pianos, digital pianos, hybrid instruments and professional products to musicians across the united states and canada through a network of authorized dealers. The kawai gl40 511 grand piano is poised to become the. In 6 showrooms across 2 premier torontoarea locations, merriam music offers canadas widest and most diverse selection of new and used pianos. Kawai gx2 atx 2 neufs ou occasions pianos international. Please read the update instructions carefully before attempting to apply any software updates. Couvercle soft fall double mecanisme d amortissement.

Software updates support kawai musical instruments. Indeed, in certain circumstances, an acoustic piano can. Kawai gx2 grand piano the gx2 blak combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class. Award winning digital instruments suitable for various musical needs. The gx2 is one of the worlds bestselling grand pianos offering superb tonal depth and resonance, and a classic size to grace any home, studio or performance venue. Whether its straightforward improvements to the lid props and soft fall systems, to the more complex improvements in touch control with the. The art of the piano built upon nine decades of experience and tradition. Used and new kawai gx2 list of vertical pianos and grand pianos.

Kawai remains as one of the largest multinational piano companies in the world. The gm10 atx model features an innovative slideout control panel, with a gentle push revealing an lcd display and array of function buttons. Merriam music, with its piano store and music school, has led north america music education and retailing for more than two decades. It sounds like you already have taken a liking to the gx3. Please read these instructions thoroughly before attempting to perform the software. Digital operation greatly extends the capabilities of the anytimex piano beyond that of a traditional. A fine piano entices musicians to perform with spontaneity and passion, yet such unbridled expressiveness may not always be appropriate. We continue to present a piano shopping experience unlike any other. The sound of hammers striking strings, resonating through solid spruce. Models on display include kawai s gl10, gl20, gl30, gl40, gl50, gx1, gx2. If you have any queries regarding the above software updates, please contact kawai japan via. Unveiled at the national association of music merchants namm 20 trade show, kawai s gx series of grand pianos evolved from the companys venerable rx series. Hi all, following previous posts about my search for a grand, ive narrowed it down to these 2 both new. Torontos top piano stores and music schools merriam music.

Video of the kawai grand piano gx series at san mateo piano. Yamaha avantgrand nu1, n2 or kawai atx2f anytimex2 in loudly digital mode sound throw soundboard speaker neither accustic mode nor headphones please do. The shigeru is made by hand in a separate factory, largely han. Kawai k200atx3 hybrid upright piano kawai anytime series. While kawai is second in size to yamaha among japanese piano manufacturers, it has a welldeserved reputation all its own for quality and innovation. The retailer also said they would be willing to go to 15k for the kawai if we waited for a promotion. Soundboard speaker atx f model the latest atx f models even allow anytimex digital features to be enjoyed without headphones.

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